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Loterie Romande: Game, Chance, and Contributions to Society

Today, we delve into the glorious past of the Loterie Romande, a public utility company that has been organizing lottery games and sports betting across the six Romandy cantons since 1937. Distributing all its profits to nonprofit organizations, the Loterie Romande is more than just a gaming house; it embodies social and cultural commitment at the heart of French-speaking Switzerland.

Loterie romande

Loterie romande

In addition to the Loterie Romande, Switzerland boasts several other lotteries that contribute to the country’s vibrant gaming landscape. One notable example is the Swisslos, which operates in the German-speaking regions of Switzerland. Similar to the Loterie Romande, Swisslos channels a significant portion of its proceeds into supporting various charitable endeavors, ranging from community projects to cultural initiatives. Additionally, the Interkantonale Landeslotterie (Intercantonal National Lottery) spans multiple cantons, providing yet another avenue for residents across different regions to engage in the thrill of lottery gaming while simultaneously contributing to the greater good.

The Loterie Romande: A Pillar of Social Commitment

The Loterie Romande, also known as LoRo, has always positioned itself as a pillar of social commitment in French-speaking Switzerland. Beyond its games of chance, this public utility company donates all its profits to charitable works and cultural projects. This deep commitment to public welfare adds a special dimension to the retrospective of its vintage poster advertisements.

Loterie Romande offers a variety of games, from classics to the most innovative. From traditional number draws to instant games, there is something for every taste. Participants can choose the game that best suits their preferences and play style.

Game Name Description
Swiss Lotto Choose 6 numbers and a lucky number for the jackpot.
EuroMillions A transnational lottery with massive jackpots.
Loto Express More frequent draws for instant wins.
Joker A complementary game with additional draws.
Banco Choose your numbers for instant wins.
Amigo A social game where winnings can be shared.
Rapido Get instant results with this fast-paced game.
Clix Scratch and instantly discover if you’ve won.
JassPoker A unique combination of poker and « jass, » a Swiss card game.
Score Bet on sports results to win.
Win for Life Win a monthly annuity for 20 years.
Magic Scratch cards to reveal magical prizes.
Astro Choose a date and win based on the stars.

Revenue and Redistribution

The Loterie Romande has generated considerable revenue over the years, enabling the realization of beneficial projects for society. In 2022, the Loterie Romande recorded an impressive turnover of CHF 500 million, with over half of it redistributed to charitable initiatives. This significant contribution directly impacts the quality of life for Romand citizens.

Number of Participants and Winners

Every year, thousands of people participate in the Loterie Romande with the hope of hitting the jackpot. In 2022, the number of participants reached a record, with over 2 million tickets sold. This attests to the continued popularity of this game of chance, offering not only a chance to win attractive prizes but also the satisfaction of contributing to noble causes.

As for the fortunate winners, the Loterie Romande distributed over CHF 150 million in prizes in 2022, creating stories of success and happiness across the region. Winners come from all age groups and socio-economic backgrounds, illustrating the diversity of potential beneficiaries of this lottery.

Vintage Serving the Cause

The vintage posters of the Loterie Romande are not just witnesses of the past; they are visual ambassadors of the company’s commitment to the community. The carefully crafted retro visuals, often created by renowned artists, tell the story not only of the game but also of generosity and continuous support for essential causes.

Among the iconic posters are those from the 1950s, where happy families celebrate their luck, symbolizing not only fortune but also the contribution of the Loterie Romande to society. These visual treasures, representative of different eras, strengthen the connection between tradition and modernity, reminding us that the Loterie Romande has always evolved while remaining true to its roots.

A Heritage to Preserve for the Future

Exploring these vintage posters is also a celebration of the visual heritage of an institution that has evolved while retaining its fundamental values. The Loterie Romande continues to play a crucial role in preserving Swiss cultural history while generously contributing to society.

  • Romande
  • Loterie Romande - 3 juillet - 2 x 120.000
  • Le gros lot - Loterie Romande – Search loterie romande (Objects) – Search – eMuseum Museum für Gestaltung Zürich Archiv Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK
  • Tödtli André Loterie Romande Year: 1941
  • Loterie Romande - Tirage 16. Mars
  • Righetti F. - Loterie Romande
  • Simon André Loterie Romande Year: 1943
  • Vintage poster – Loterie de la Suisse Romande, Tirage 4e Tranche 5 Octobre 1938 – Galerie 1 2 3
  • Vintage poster – Loterie Suisse Romande – Galerie 1 2 3
  • Vintage poster – Loterie romande au profit des oeuvres de secours et d'utilité publique – Galerie 1 2 3
  • Vintage poster – Vous Un des Gagnants Loterie Romande – Galerie 1 2 3
  • Ça c'est le bon! Loterie Romande - Tirage 16 Juin
  • By Atelier Quinche, ca 1945, Loterie Romande poster, Imp. Paul Attinger S.A., Neuchatel.
  • Affiche ancienne – Loterie Romande, 100000 – Galerie 1 2 3
  • Vintage poster – Loterie Romande – Galerie 1 2 3
  • Affiche ancienne – Loterie Romande – Galerie 1 2 3
  • Affiche ancienne – Loterie Romande, Gros Lot 100 000 – Galerie 1 2 3
  • By J.P. Kaiser, 1944, Loterie Romande poster, Affiches Atar, Genève.
  • Bournoud-Schorp, Marguerite - Loterie Romande
  • By André Simon, 1935, Loterie Romande.
  • Vintage poster – Loterie Romande – Galerie 1 2 3
  • Loterie romande - 1940's -
  • Chavaz Albert Loterie Romande Year: 1948
  • Loterie Romande, 11 décembre. BES (1943)

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On Club Premium, we invite our readers to delve into the visual treasures of the Loterie Romande, exploring vintage posters that transcend the boundaries of time. By revisiting this history rich in both narrative and social commitment, we discover a legacy that goes far beyond mere entertainment. The Loterie Romande, more than just a gaming house, remains a source of inspiration where vintage meets generosity, creating a unique cultural experience.
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