The Charm of Fondue Glareyarde in Valais

Welcome to the exquisite world of ValaisSwitzerland, where culinary traditions blend seamlessly with local flavors. In the heart of this Swiss canton lies a culinary gem that captures the essence of Valaisian dining – the Fondue Glareyarde. Often referred to as the Valaisan’s answer to Chinese fondue, this delectable dish has its roots in Sierre, specifically at the Café de l’Anniviers, where it first graced tables nearly four decades ago.

The Birth of Fondue Glareyarde

Named after the Glarey district in Sierre, Fondue Glareyarde is a unique blend of marinated beef, infused with spices reminiscent of dried meat. Its preparation involves simmering the meat in a flavorful broth made from vegetables, beef, and wine. This savory delight is complemented by a side of crisp green salad, a variety of sauces, and, of course, golden-fried potatoes. To elevate the dining experience, pair it with a robust Swiss red wine like Cornalin or Syrah – a perfect marriage of flavors that will leave your taste buds dancing.

The Simplicity of Sharing

One of Fondue Glareyarde’s greatest assets is its simplicity. Unlike elaborate cooking processes, this dish allows you to spend more time enjoying the meal with loved ones. With the exception of the fries, which can be prepared in advance, most of the ingredients can be sourced directly from your local butcher. It’s a convivial meal, perfect for sharing with family and friends, highlighting the richness of locally-sourced products.

Fondue glareyarde

Fondue glareyarde

Protected Culinary Heritage

While the Fondue Glareyarde has become a beloved Valaisan dish, it’s essential to note that the term « fondue glareyarde » is a registered trademark since March 2014. The Institute of Federal Intellectual Property protects it, ensuring that only certified creators, like restaurateur Patrick Schuppli from Sion, can use this designation.

This recording angered many people in the canton. Including the historical creators of the recipe at the Café d’Anniviers in Sierre. Its owner at the time, Marco Posse, claimed it as his own, in collaboration with local butcher Robert Bond and then a few years later with the late Robert Salamin, whose sons continued the adventure.

Discovering Fondue Glareyarde

Indulging in Fondue Glareyarde is a journey worth taking, and luckily, it’s readily available in many Valaisan butcher shops. While the dish might go by different names, inquire about a spiced Chinese fondue or discreetly mention « fondue glareyarde » to experience this culinary masterpiece. It’s an invitation to explore the unique gastronomic offerings of the Valais region.


Ordering Fondue Glareyarde online or enjoying it at Valaisan restaurants offers convenient options for enthusiasts. Many local producers and eateries now allow online orders, bringing this unique gastronomic experience to your doorstep. For those who prefer dining out, numerous Valaisan establishments feature Fondue Glareyarde on their menus, providing a chance to discover this iconic dish amid the local ambiance.

For those looking to enjoy Fondue Glareyarde beyond Valais, here are some recommended addresses: 




Fondue glareyarde

Fondue glareyarde

As you embark on this culinary adventure, relish the flavors of Fondue Glareyarde and immerse yourself in the warmth of Valaisian hospitality. Whether you’re celebrating with family or friends, this locally-inspired dish promises an unforgettable experience. So, let the aroma of simmering broth and marinated beef guide you to a delightful rendezvous with Valaisian tradition. Bon appétit and happy celebrations!

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Fondue Glareyarde


  • Simplicity: Easy preparation and minimal cooking time make Fondue Glareyarde a convenient option for a delightful meal.
  • Social Dining: Fosters a convivial atmosphere, ideal for sharing with family and friends, creating lasting memories.
  • Local Ingredients: Celebrates Valaisan heritage, utilizing locally-sourced products for an authentic taste.
  • Versatility: Adaptable to various preferences, allowing diners to customize their experience with sauces and side dishes.
  • Flavor Harmony: The marination process and unique broth contribute to a harmonious blend of savory and aromatic flavors.
  • Trademark Restrictions: Limited availability due to trademark restrictions might hinder the accessibility of authentic Fondue Glareyarde.
  • Limited Dietary Options: Mainly centered around beef, which might not cater to the preferences of vegetarians or those with dietary restrictions.
  • Wine Dependency: While wine pairing enhances the experience, it may limit the dish's appeal for non-wine drinkers or those with dietary restrictions
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