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Tschugger 3: The Valais Cops Make a Triumphant Return

The successful SRF series « Tschugger » is back with its third season, once again immersing viewers in the rollicking adventures of two cops Bax (David Constantin) and Pirmin (Dragan Vujic) from Haut-Valais. Inspired by the spirit of Starsky and Hutch and rooted in the 70s with a touch of humor and new technologies, the series has won over the German-speaking Swiss audience with an impressive market share of 34%.

For this new season, two renowned Vaudois comedians, Vincent Kucholl and Vincent Veillon, join the cast, bringing a new level of burlesque to the already wild world of « Tschugger. »

Two murders

In the lead roles, we find Dragan Vujic (Agent Pirmin), Anna Rossinelli (Federal Agent Annette), and David Constantin (Agent Bax).

We are thrilled to reunite with the various characters from the series « Smetterling » (Cedric Schild), Valmira (Annalena Miano), Juni (Arsène Junior Page), Fricker (Olivier Imboden), and even meet new characters from the flatlands.

The amalgamation of police stations in Upper and Lower Valais compels the agents to occupy the same office space in Sion. As Pirmin embraces the delights of fatherhood and Bax endeavors to reconstruct his life beyond the canton, an undisclosed will and two murders shatter their routine, propelling them into fresh adventures. The question lingers: Can they, once more, succeed in preserving Switzerland?

Vincent Kucholl and Vincent Veillon, famous for their comedic performances, take the reins of the series by portraying the police officers Clavien and Rudaz. Based at the central police station in Sion, our favorite cops are poised to unleash a new wave of laughter. The series humorously explores Swiss stereotypes, particularly those related to the people of Valais, while casting a retro-futuristic gaze on the 70s, where new technologies intertwine with zany police investigations.

The Triumphant Return

Season 3 of « Tschugger » promises a triumphant return, with the characteristic humor of the series amplified by the presence of the two Vaudois comedians. Fans of Swiss comedy will be delighted to rediscover the burlesque universe of the series, eagerly wondering if our quirky cops will find even more absurd adversaries on the other side of the Röstigraben. The chemistry between Kucholl and Veillon promises hilarious moments and unexpected twists.

A Confirmed Success

With an impressive market share in previous seasons, « Tschugger » continues to make waves, hinting at an even greater triumph with the addition of the Vaudois comedic duo. The series, filmed in the breathtaking landscapes of Valais and the city of Berne, also offers a captivating visual experience, transporting viewers to the heart of the Pennine Valley.

Tschugger 3

Tschugger 3 : For you exclusively, I find the main vehicle of the series.


Towards the Future with a Fourth Season:

As Season 3 arrives with a bang, the creators of « Tschugger » have already announced a fourth season, suggesting that the echoes of laughter will continue to resonate in the Pennine Valley. The series stands as a pillar of Swiss national comedy, captivating a broad audience and reaffirming the talent of the actors and production team.

« Tschugger 3 » promises a fresh dose of humor, adventure, and ludicrous situations, this time with a Vaudois touch. The series continues to push the boundaries of comedy while exploring the sometimes lesser-known facets of Switzerland, offering viewers a unique television experience. So, get ready to laugh, be surprised, and delve into the mysteries of High-Valais with Clavien and Rudaz.

Good news for fans – you can enjoy the series TSCHUGGER for free on the SRF website. The police comedy ‘Tschugger,’ subtitled in dialect and available in French, German, and Italian.

« Tschugger 3 » by Mats Frey and David Constantin, produced by Sophie Toth (Shining Film, Zurich).

Tschugger 3 - SRF


  • Comedic Brilliance: The series is renowned for its comedic brilliance, offering a delightful escape into a world filled with humor, wit, and unexpected twists.
  • Stellar Cast: With the inclusion of Vincent Kucholl and Vincent Veillon, the cast boasts exceptional comedic talent, promising to elevate the humor to new heights.
  • Breathtaking Settings: Filmed against the backdrop of the stunning landscapes of Valais (Derborence, Sion, Conthey) and the city of Bern, viewers can expect visually captivating scenes that add an extra layer to the viewing experience.
  • Cultural Exploration: "Tschugger 3" continues to explore and challenge Swiss stereotypes, providing a humorous yet insightful look into the diverse cultural facets of the country.
  • Language Barrier: For non-German speakers, the language barrier might pose a challenge, limiting accessibility and enjoyment for a broader international audience.
  • Niche Humor: The series' humor, deeply rooted in Swiss culture and specific regional nuances, may not resonate as strongly with viewers unfamiliar with the intricacies of Swiss society.
  • Limited International Recognition: Despite its success in the Swiss German-speaking market, "Tschugger 3" may struggle to gain recognition on an international scale, limiting its audience beyond Switzerland.
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