Discovering the Cornalin Neyrun 2016

Lux Vina by Cave des Chevaliers in Salgesch

Valais, the cradle of exceptional wines, unveils a rare gem with the Cornalin Neyrun 2016 from Cave des Chevaliers in Salgesch. Part of the « Lux Vina » range, this wine bears witness to the region’s centuries-old viticultural heritage. Let’s delve into the history of this elixir, mentioned as early as 1313 in the Registre d’Anniviers, and explore its aromas and flavors that place it among the must-try.

An Ancestral Heritage

The Cornalin Neyrun gets its name from the hamlet of Neyran in the Aosta Valley, where its parents, Petit Rouge and Mayolet, also have their roots. The dark hue of Neyrun evokes centuries of tradition and expertise, perpetuated by Cave des Chevaliers in Salgesch. A sensory journey through time begins with the uncorking of the bottle.

First Impressions: Enchanting Aromas

From the first whiff, the Cornalin Neyrun 2016 captivates with its intense and complex nose. The aromas of black cherries and blackberries intertwine subtly, creating an olfactory experience of unparalleled richness. A fragrant tribute to the exceptional terroir of Valais.

The Palate: Perfect Balance

Tasting reveals an exceptionally balanced, concentrated, and silky palate that caresses the taste buds with delicate roundness. The sovereign balance extends into a harmonious finish, punctuated by a subtle retro-olfaction highlighting a depth of black fruits.

Unique Notes

The astonishing violet nose adds a remarkable floral dimension to this gustatory experience. The already perceptible tannins promise a graceful aging process. In the mouth, the combination of fruity notes and hints of mocha creates a delightful symphony.

A Personal Favorite

In the mosaic of Swiss wines, the Cornalin Neyrun stands out. Not as brooding as some other Cornalin examples, it proves to be an exceptional tasting experience. As a wine enthusiast, it is one of my favorite reds in Switzerland, offering a unique harmony between tradition and modernity.

Cornalin Neyrun 2016

Cornalin Neyrun 2016

Cornalin Neyrun: my favorite wine

In concluding our exploration of the Cornalin Neyrun 2016 from the « Lux Vina » range by Cave des Chevaliers in Salgesch, it becomes even more apparent why this wine is a true masterpiece. Beyond its historical roots and exceptional flavors, it’s noteworthy that this wine bears the mark of expertise from oenologist Christian Gfeller.

Crafted by the skilled hands of Christian Gfeller, the Cornalin Neyrun reflects not only the terroir of Valais but also the meticulous artistry of an oenological maestro. Gfeller’s touch is evident in the perfect balance, the nuanced aromas, and the delightful notes that make this wine a standout in the Swiss red wine landscape.

As you savor each sip, remember that you are experiencing not just a wine but a testament to the harmonious collaboration between nature’s bounty and the expertise of a passionate winemaker. The Cornalin Neyrun Lux Vina 2016 stands as a tribute to the dedication of Christian Gfeller and the longstanding winemaking tradition of Cave des Chevaliers. This bottle is an invitation to celebrate the art and science of winemaking, embodied in every drop of this remarkable vintage.
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